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September 10 2011

Mayuyu you perv.... and I guess Shihorin is now infected too 8D
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July 29 2011


July 15 2011


July 06 2011


March 12 2011

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How to identify popular members of AKB48 for me:
Acchan (Atsuko Maeda): The one who is on the centre... okay she's particularly my favorite for now so I don't really need any special thing to identify her (though I used to say she looks rather 天然). 'nuff said.
Mariko (Mariko Shinoda): The one with shortest hair.
Tomochin (Tomomi Itano): The one with...... rather weird face imho. Basically the easiest one to identify for me.
Mayuyu (Mayu Watanabe): The one with twin-tail and slightly looks like Yuuka Nanri, seriously. Without Yuuka's fish lips, though.
Kojiharunyan (Haruna Kojima): The one who sorta look like Haruka Tomatsu. To me, at least.
Yuko Oshima (Yuuko): She's on Acchan's right hand side... Just identify her face without any special case, but she looks rather old compared to her age.
Takamina (Minami Takahashi): The one on the corner beside Mayuyu.

Rest I have no idea at all. Still not familiar with the whole AKB48, too many to memorize, duh. =_=

Edit: See? I've mistaken yuuko for takamina and vice versa "OTL
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