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November 21 2011

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......Now I'm sure my recent touchy-touchy habit isn't just because I'm influenced by Yuuko. Or Keiko. MAI YUKA BB TOO *covers face*

September 23 2011

From Janken tournament and...

Chiyuu WTF did you wear? That's just inducing people to call you "ero" even more *facepalm*

on side note, that's what I like from her... being sexy while cute at same time :3

July 17 2011

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Yuka-mama is in da house!

....or Yuka-pillow for my preference 8D

May 25 2011

Yuko's expression after knowing she is on #1 position of 1st Quick Count on Senbatsu election 2011 is so PRICELESS. LAWL.

おしり~(థ ౪ థ)
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